URimage Testimonials - What Our Members Think

URimage Testimonials

We are so confident you will love the treatments we offer as much as our clients that we’ve shared a selection of these URimage testimonials. Why not contact us to book your free consultation if you’d like similar results.

I've been having treatment for the past 6 weeks at URimage. I'm so pleased with the result my skin is tighter, glowing and overall a fabulous improvement. Excellent value with amazing results!

OMG is it too soon to see a difference? My chest and neck look so much smoother. I thought I was imagining it but I looked again and my neck definitely looks tighter!


Natalie Manroe owner of URimage has been my skin therapist for years. She has developed a unique formula using a combination of anti-ageing non surgical, no needles procedures, that are bespoke to you as an individual and deliver results. I'm 51 and have been mistaken for 36! Natalie is committed to giving you results, she has a wealth of knowledge and I trust her 1000%. URimage is a fantastic concept and its a no brainer to pay a fee like you do at a gym and you get a range of anti-ageing skin problem treatments included. I wish she had come up with this a couple of years ago... it would have saved me a fortune. Join it's amazing!.


One month into my membership and I am absolutely delighted with the results so far!! I love the concept, treatments, user friendly equipment and help and advice on hand. I can see the improvement after each session and feel so much more confident. Worth every penny.


I started treatment at URimage for my acne and scarring on my face a month ago and it's unbelievable how much of a positive impact the treatments have had on my skin. Within weeks I saw improvement. I wish I had started earlier!

Natalie, the owner or URimage, is not only an expert in her field and great at what she does but she always gives great advice whereever possible.

Thank you for everything and I recommend URimage for all ages and skin types.


When Natalie first explained the concept of URimage to me I couldn't really envisage how things would work. I trust Natalie so I signed up for the Anti-Ageing option. 4 weeks in and I’m learning about my skin, different anti-aging treatments and how they work finding it great fun. I can already see improvements in my skin tone, finer lines, wrinkles and hydration, the dry areas of skin I had have gone away and I'm loving my weekly "me time" at URimage. I could never afford to have all the treatments I'm having on a weekly basis, the monthly subscription is an amazing offer.


I always thought I had good skin... now I have GREAT skin after taking out a membership 8 weeks ago. Thank you!


Great transformation from seeing Natalie in August to the present. I had dark circles and they have disappeared through the combination of machines used. I'm hoping things will further improve as time goes on. I've found Omnilux particular helpful. Thanks Natalie for your knowledge and advice.


I have been having treatment at URimage for 6 months now. Initially I was sceptical about the treatments but as time has gone on I have been pleasantly surprised with the improved condition of my skin.

The treatment has improved the pigmentation and dark circles giving me much better toned skin. Everyone at URimage has been brilliant with advice on diet etc to improve my overall health as well.

Mrs Patel