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Nature’s Essence of life is infinite, it’s present within Earth, Universe, within us, like us, inside out, as one. Once you connect the dots within all systems, what you see as an incomplete puzzle, connects the missing pieces, and the picture becomes real and everything within becomes simple and limitless……

With love for inner engineering and brain of a scientist, thirst for knowledge and reinvention, passion for making a difference, respect for our planet and humanity “Nature’s essence of life” was born.

Maybe we should not ignore our bio-individuality or ignore our biology signalling system just like climate change, perhaps if we didn’t life will surprise us with so much more. It isn’t about today, incubation period just like climate change is now visible within the health of many. You biology works just like the universe on consistency frequency and power.

Achievements in science and medicine over the last 100 years are undoubtedly mind-blowing nevertheless are we turning our body into disposable chemistry lab just like our planet with a real-time bomb without delicate balance among both. Isn’t science intended to compliment nature not to replace it? Isn’t medicines meant to be a safety net as and when nature fail?

With over 20 years in the industry, with love for science and technology, driven by continuous self-education, why’s and how’s, I researched & studied endless subjects on human anatomy & physiology, sports and holistic therapies, biology and microbiology, diet & nutrition, neuroscience, meridians and so much more. I worked within medical aesthetics, Lasers, cosmetology, anti-ageing, injectables, PMU, spa, health retreats, Hydro colonic, holistic remedies, Reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, power of plants therapy, including product and equipment manufacturing, business development and training; however, I felt somehow cheated because I couldn’t connect the dots, something was missing. I couldn’t understand why fitness gurus are fit but still have health problems, why nutritionists recommending diets that don’t always work, why people’s immune system is failing, why skin specialist don’t have a good skin, why everyone using creams which causes gravitational sag, why fillers thin the skin and speed up ageing in young people and no one see it, why anti-ageing perceived as vanity and perception of what is healthy no longer fit, why taking pride in looking after our health and look ahead on what inadequate nutrition can manifest has no urgency, why the quick fix has become a new norm, while everything requires input and work and we dismiss this requirement toward our health treating out biology often just like our planet a disposable something , why body toxicity or allergies are not taken seriously and treated as it’s nothing, why weight gain isn’t alerting for many; why we know, one wrong tablet or invisible virus can kill us yes tones of food we eat every day we think has nothing to do with the foundation of our health?

Why do we expect healthcare system help us when we ill while we do not take responsibility for our health, to begin with? I wanted to Understand what contributes and moves our the most amazing and sophisticated engineering so maybe just maybe I can guide many toward activating their genetic authenticity to give them the opportunity to fix it and pass it on to their children and grandchildren.

Eighteen months ago I set on a journey of 18 months of research to find a short cut for healthy skin, health and ageing, including exploration of the integration of non-invasive treatments with “biology made simple” HealthPro knowledge program, diet supplements and a slight lifestyle change.

What I was after was not only results but lasting results, a real game-changer which could be empowered by the simplicity of self-education received during programs and online support as a helping hand.

The training program includes help with becoming your own SkinPro and secrets on how to treat most skin conditions including acne scarring, dark circles, pigmentation, wrinkles, tightening or just conditioning by learning and knowing what your skin needs, including the most effective short cuts in the anti-ageing industry, personally worked for me and it’s not creams or massages. I’m 45 with a biological age of 36.

I wanted to find the ultimate affordable and straightforward ways for people to be able to stop endless purchasing of creams (hence reduce plastic pollution especially not suitable for many skin types due to cause of gravitational sag) miss-sold treatments that didn’t work and understand why it didn’t, including arising problems from early use of Botulinum toxin and fillers, I wanted to find diets which tailored to individual genetics, with ability to reduce stress, restore energy levels, focus and sleep and last

Research findings were beyond remarkable not only for people to rediscover their biological ability to have the best health and youth but how to Biohack their biology, cell memory, understand their genetics function and learning what works for them to produce the results naturally. Programs will offer education, knowledge, tools and coaching on everything you need to know, including full support all the way, incase of any offsets and how to fix it. The community of likeminded to assure no one is left on their own to deal with concerns.

I’m a big believer if confusion is clarified and we all learn how everything works, our inner engineering and how to communicate with our body signalling system, we could help free up healthcare systems, pharmaceuticals and the environment. Especially by removing some foods that can help with many conditions including anxiety/depression dark circles acne eczema autoimmune disease naturally. Understanding your biology, your body signalling system, your skin function, your required nutrition and minimal changes in lifestyle choices straightforwardly and typically is Priceless


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SkinPro Mastery in Authenticity
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BluePrint Mastermind for SkinPro and HealthPro Authenticity
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