Toxins are ageing you!

It is no secret that the older we get the more we tend to age, but there are several aspects that can contribute to ageing quicker. One of the main ones is TOXICITY.

Toxicity can come in many forms, through our lifestyle, alcohol, fast food and GM foods and as a result of this, many people result to having a biological age higher than what they actually are.

At URimage we offer a variety of anti-ageing treatments to help correct this, but we also can assess your biological age and provide education on bespoke nutrition and regimes which can lead to a better quality of life and health.

Regardless, it is extremely important that we avoid these toxic factors as much as we can. This is why…

Toxic Lifestyle

Everything we do and put in to our bodies can determine whether or not we are leading a toxic lifestyle. If you were to compare your digestive systems to a plumbing system, think to yourself, would you describe it as severely clogged, occasionally blocked or free flowing. If it is any of the first two…this is an indication that you are leading a toxic lifestyle. An active lifestyle with nutritious home-cooked meals is needed in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, binge-eating and having a sedentary lifestyle is toxic and will age you quicker, in addition to having countless other negatives.

Mindsets are also an important part of living a toxic-free lifestyle. When food shopping, ask yourself, do you read the labels? Labels are extremely important as they show the additives, fats and sugars different products can contain, and avoiding this is a sign that you are living a toxic lifestyle by purchasing products where you do not know what they consist of. Another toxic trait to avoid is oversleeping or sleeping at the wrong times. Scientifically the average human requires 8 hours of sleep to fully function. Many people however, can sleep up to 12 hours; sleeping late in the morning and waking up in the afternoon, starting their metabolic clock later than it should be, resulting in a slower calorie burn throughout the day.

With metabolic clock also comes another toxic lifestyle trait; eating late at night. Research suggest we should not consume anything after 8 o’clock, therefore midnight snacking’s or ‘late night desserts’ can contribute massively to a toxic lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips to avoid a toxic lifestyle 

  • Buy organic
  • Exercise
  • Eat garlic and broccoli everyday
  • Use non-toxic products in your home and on your body
  • Find out if you have a condition resulting to a toxic lifestyle


There are several effects alcohol can leave on our body which is why it is extremely important that this is drank in small quantities and moderately overtime. Did you know? In the long term, alcohol can have several negative effects to our internal body parts? Alcohol for example, can shrink the frontal lobes of your brain. Alcohol is also one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease which means it is damaging to the heart. In addition to this, it is well known that alcohol can cause liver damage, making it more difficult to fight of bacteria and viruses. As well as this, alcohol can increase your risk of throat, mouth and breast cancer, in addition to being a leading cause of pancreatitis, infertility and diabetes complications.

But alcohol as well as all the health risks, can be mentally damaging too. A large consumption of alcohol can result in acting aggressively towards others, increase your vulnerability and can at times lead to anxiety and depression. so, not only is this toxic for our health and internal organs, but it is also toxic for our mental state when drank in large quantities and regularly. This is beside the fact it contributes to ageing quicker enormously.

Fast Foods

It is no secret that fast foods aren’t great for us, but the one thing we often fail to see, is that fast food chains focus more on sales, than to provide a meal that is nutritional and will benefit our bodies well. Did you know? many fast food products contain a toxic chemical known as phthalate. This is the same chemical which is found in lotions, cosmetics and plastics, the same chemical, which was banned from being used, when making children toys back in 2008. Not only should this chemical not belong in food at all, it has also been linked to causing reproductive and infertility problems, in addition to being said to lower your IQ. This is of course, as well as the fact that fast foods contain copious amounts of salt, sugar and fat to increase the ‘taste’ people tend to love so much.

GM Foods 

Genetically modified foods or genetically engineered food, refers to food which has changes made to its DNA, often combining the genes from other organisms. Recently though, there has been evidence implying that GM foods are in fact, just as bad for you as any other toxic food. Experimentation carried out in the past, has shown GM foods to cause organ damage, accelerated ageing and immune system disorders. Since the revelation of GM foods in 1996, studies suggest that health problems have risen since the introduction of GM foods. Furthermore, GM foods are said to have an increase in use of herbicides a ‘weed killer’ chemical which links to cancer and hormone disruption. Genetic engineering interferes with then natural process of an organisms growth which has dangerous side effects. Mixing the genes of two different species can cause a release of new toxins and allergens in to the body. So, it is best to stick with what we know, such as organic and fresh produce that has not been tampered with or genetically constructed.

So, these, toxic foods and lifestyle habits are well-known factors which add to ageing quicker. When the negatives are listed down, it makes you wonder why we would affect our bodies in this way. It is ok to have these or do these things once in a while but should never become part of a daily lifestyle. Cook your own fresh foods, eat and drink at a reasonable time and maintain an active lifestyle, and you will notice just how much more youthful and healthy you will look and feel.

At URimage this is our prime aim.