Permanent makeup

It is always a struggle finding your lipstick or trying to rummage around in your bag for your eyeliner every morning, but if only there was a way that you could save time on all this. the answer is permanent makeup.

In recent years, permanent makeup has become increasingly popular as it stands as a way to help enhance and bring out your features without having to go through the makeup application process each time. Permanent makeup can be used to define eyes, lips and brows, imitating makeup application, and can be as soft and natural or even as dramatic as you want.

But how does this work?

Hypo-allergic pigments are used to create colour under the dermal layer of the skin helping to enhance your features. For your eyes and eyebrows, permanent makeup can help them stand out more, particularly those who have thin eyebrows. PMC treatment can make your eyes pop through creating the illusion of thicker and longer lashes, providing the eyes with more definition. This provides more of a younger appearance without the need to use an eyebrow pencil again, with advance techniques being the perfect way to create a soft natural look or 3D textured hair strokes on sparse, short, pale, brows.

A list celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Rihanna, also have eyebrow tattoos. 

Along with eyebrows and eyes, lips can also be enhanced, made to look fuller and the shape could be corrected through the revolutionary technology available. The ‘lip brush’ system available uses soft shades to provide a haze of colour on the lips, but can be applied to look more drastic; a perfect solution to those who have lost the definition of their lips through ageing.

Here are some advantages…

  • You can swim, shower, sleep and head out without having to worry about your makeup coming off or even applying makeup!
  • You can have more valuable sleep time as there is less steps to getting ready in the morning
  • This a good alternative to those allergic to makeup products or those who do not wish to use animal tested products
  • If you suffer from conditions such as arthritis, it can be difficult to apply makeup – so this is a great alternative
  • This is also good for those with vision problems who cant always see what they’re applying
  • This can correct problems like cleft lips, vitiligo or alopecia (eyebrows).
  • No more worries about smudged makeup!

But, is this process safe?

100%. At URimage, health and safety is a priority. Every single apparatus used, is sterile and any needles are disposed once used per client. The development of PMC Micro-colours puts special emphasis on skin tolerance as well as the brilliance and intensity of colour. The well known Swiss Institute for safety within cosmetics RCC Ltd., have confirmed the outstanding properties of the new permanent make-up by Wild Cosmetics.

This is a great solution to cut down on the time you take to get ready as well as providing a more brighter, and better looking facial appearance without effort.